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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

When stuff begins to weigh down...

Everyone one goes through patches in their lives. Some good, clean fun and some others aren't all that great. The latter are the kind that many of us like to try and forget after a while just so that we don't have to re-live through the emotions that we felt back then. It happens to everyone. No one's exempt from it. If you're not going through it now, you're probably done with it already and had it earlier on in your life. So don't kid yourself.

A while ago I think I went through that kind of phase just for a few hours. But I blog about it because even though it was probably for just a few hours, I actually FELT it more this time than others. The same stuff comes back but this time it hit the bottom of my stomach and made me throw up today's lunch. Sorta like giving mouth-to-mouth to a dead hamster. Either way.. moving on.. I've wondered why some people, your's truly included, find it hard to get over some facts of life, even though some fitting replacements (to a certain extent) are available. Or even if they're not available you've made adjustments.

This post is more or less a ramble, with no point in particular. I just thought of something and decided to blog about it. I guess it's something that everyone feels, but not everyone wants to accept.

Outta here..



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