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Monday, June 11, 2007

Anything? You sure about that?

Hey guys!

Mali said he'd like to shake things up a bit on his blog, and what better way than to add a female's opinion, especially since he'd always ask me to proof read his posts and correct the many grammatical errors, anyway.

So here comes Uzma, adding the grotesque, overly emotional posts that this blog lacks (not that it was a bad thing).

Here goes my first post:


Picture this.

*cue fog machine and old school music here*

You're at the local grocery store, waiting in line at the checkout with an obscenely large trolley overflowing with junk. You're crossing things off the two page long list with that imaginary pen of yours, checking if you've picked up everything everyone in your family had wanted. Pickles? Mmhmm. Fabric Softener? Yep. Batteries? Got it. Toilet paper, fresh milk, cheetos for the movie? Check check check. Finally, the woman's credit card a customer in front of you works and you're next in line. You carefully maneuver the cart two inches ahead, avoiding the portly man's behind.

The phone rings.

"Hey, you done at the supermarket?"
"Just checking out. Why, do you need something?"
"What? Hurry up because this guy here in front of me is already paying."
"I just wanted something to drink."
"Like what? Tell me quick and I'll pick it up for you."
"Oh, I don't know. Something fizzy-like."
"Like what?"
"Anything, really."
"Like what?"
"Hurry up and make up your mind, Godddamnit.:
"Seriously, anything."

Mind you, I was just asking if they wanted me to pick up something out of courtesy.

To settle this problem that faces hundreds of thousand of indecisive people the world over, in Singapore, they've come up with crazy-ass drinks called "Anything" and "Whatever". Pretty cool, eh?
"Anything" could be Cola, Cola With Lemon, Apple, Fizz Up, Cloudy Lemon, or Root Beer.
"Whatever" consists of a range of iced teas.

To visit the site, click
To see the second ad click here!

All I can say is, you guys asked for it.



mali... said...

Welcome! =)

Nice to have you here.



Brainiac9 said...

... That is possibly the coolest invention/method of relabelling EVER. I love it. :D