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Monday, December 18, 2006

Nineteen... Big Changes, Bigger Realizations...

Another year came and went. Tomorrow I turn 19 years old. La Dee Daa, big whoop etc. etc. I normally am pretty excited as my b'day rolls around each year, so I must admit that this year I feel a lot more....subdued... I'm not sure why really. The time between my birthdays were almost life-changing, and if I had to look back, life as it is now is far different from life when I turned 18. They say a lot can happen in one year. I'd second that. A lot did happen in one year. Stuff that you don't expect. Stuff that you never really plan for. Tyson said, "Everyone, when they enter the ring, has a plan. Till they get punched in the face." He got that spot on.

They say that it's in your hardest times that you find out who your real or your true friends are. They got that right too. I dunno. *Gasp Horror* How could you DO that?? *Gasp Horror* Yea yea that happens a lot... "Like OMG, I can't believe you did that?? *choke* *sob* " Yeah WHATEVER!!!!!! Screw folks who think only about what they need. Screw people who are too shortsighted to see another's problems. Screw those who want but won't give.

I'm not normally the type who'd shout out obscenities in a blog, in fact I originally intended this blog to be an online satire thing. Sometimes I can keep that up, other times I can't. This post in particular was meant to be a little text on how I learned from whatever experiences I had in the year between my birthdays. I learned a lot. Lessons that you don't particularly want to learn hands on but prefer to know about or hear from others. Unfortunately in my case, that was a luxury that I wasn't able to afford.

Finally, a few lessons learned:

1) Anyone you meet and/or befriend, take whatever they say/stand for at face value.
2) Anyone you meet and/or befriend, be nice to and hold no attempts to be nice back. You've got nothing to lose.
3) Never expect favors.
4) Don't bother explaining yourself to people who won't listen. Save your breath.
5) People bitch about their friends all the time. Stop whining and get with the system.
6) Never run after people. The sweat ain't worth the results.
7) Finally. See an opportunity? Go for it. The ends almost always justify the means.

I'm sure I've learnt more. Probably just haven't been able to think about them.

On the bright side, I've probably had better friends now than I've had for years. I'm more responsible with work. I'm getting paid (Woot Woot!!!!!!!) My parents trust me more than they did earlier. I can drive xP. etc etc.

Life gets interesting...



Anonymous said...

Nice entry.

Liking the new layout, by the way...

Anonymous said...

you tell 'em brotha...

Anonymous said...

I love you for who you are,
not for what you have become...

mali... said...

Errmm... geee thanks (????)
Care to identify yourself?

Anonymous said...

awww mali..you have an admirer =P
btw..nice enough post..does make sense..
so is this a war? i can write about life too =P
Lol..just kidding..
btw..want to start a blog 2gether?
because that way well have more viewers...we can do something 2gether..and la dee daa..
let me no :)

forgot my password..sleepy..
so signing off as anonymouse =P