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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Workie Work!!


As we draw
closer to the end of December (and my impending birthday *cough* *cough*), work, both school and external, starts piling on. Our premocks have begun and it kicked off with English. And I should have been with my notes. But I wasn't. Well sort of. They were right between the monitor and me. But they weren't the point of my focus right then. Oh well.

English is totally going way over my head. There's so much stuff that I believe is totally unnecessary. There's some analysis that we do. Conversations, newspaper articles, advertisements and stuff. As I sat there listening to some of the points that the teacher would make I couldn't possibly imagine what kind of moron sat there making these rules.

What pissed me off most were the rules for Advertisement analysis. I believe (and rightly so I might add) that some things like Advertisement are not... in fact never... bound by rules. I mean, its an art more than it is a subject. You can go to college or university and sit through all those lectures and whatnot, but still be crap at it simply because you don't have the knack. On the other hand you could be an paleontologist sitting at a coffee store pondering over unused milk when the words, "Got Milk?" pops into your mind, simply because you're artistic by nature.

I agree that there are some guidelines that an advertiser would keep in mind, like target audience, product appeal etc. but for every feature of any advertisement to be governed by a set of rules is complete bollocks, and makes absolutely no sense. It's an art! There aren't any rules for art! In Farhan's words, "Rules are for Nooooooooooobs!"

In other news: Work seems to be getting more screwy day after day after day. Yesterday I met with one of the reps from UGUR and the nice fellow gave me a weight chart for all the marble types. In light of this new information, all our cost sheets have been rendered utterly useless and will now have to be redone. Which will take a while (Read: 2-3 weeks).

Also, due to a delay in 2 consignments, we now have FOUR containers coming to our little warehouse within the time frame of 3 days. As it is, space was already an issue in our dinky warehouse and now we have a week to get another one just as big. Possible options are renting out someone else's warehouse for a week or so, till our stuff mobilizes, or, leaving excess goods in the yard. Personally, I'm for the renting of the extra warehouse. Even though it's gonna cost us, it's better than leaving our stuff out in the yard. Even though the gates can be locked and it's heavy stuff to haul over the wall, it's still a risk, since the temptation factor is really high. Wonder if the transport co. will be willing to leave the containers with us, and we can pay them for as long as we need them? Doubt it tho...



Farhan said...

In Farhan's words, "Rules are for Nooooooooooobs!"
I know that you love me..but why do you have to mention me in every single post? :P
check your punctuation *cough* and grammar *cough cough*..

Farhan said...

btw... "NOOB"..why the HELL do you delete all my posts..?? *enter sarcastic smiley here*
you suck =P

Mali... said...

Because your comments suck you moron.... lol..

take care bro.