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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I think I'm always happy whenever December rolls around. Maybe it's because for once in the year I can complain that it's too cold out. Or maybe it's because for the first time this year I can sleep in a cool room unde rthe covers without the air conditioner running. Or maybe it's because I love the smell of fresh rain. Or maybe it's because my birthday's on the 19th. Or maybe it's becau.. Yea I think it's because of my birthday.

December's always been special that way. A lot of my friends were also born in December. My mum's born in December too. So are Hussain & Sehr. I guess God chose a month for the hipper crowd. Josh's born in Dec too. In fact he turns 18 this year, with Sehr. 18's quite a milestone in the UAE cuz that's our sweet 16. License, Legal smokes n' sheesha (not that I do any of those...) etc etc. I think the fact that winter also roles around in December adds to my fondness to it (read previous post). Something about it I'm not entirely sure...

In other news: Dubai Desert Rock fever is catching up. Children of Bodom, Prodigy & Incubus have been confirmed. Rumours are afloat about Slayer, and more importantly, In Flames. If In Flames come and I don't get to go, someone is going to rue the day. Anthony, I hope you're wrong. In Flames are awesome and I'd hate to miss them.

Zenobia flies off to India tonight for her brother's wedding which is (coincidence) also in December. She'll be back in Jan, when she'll stay for a week before she flies off to Monash, Australia for her University. Sucks. Am going to miss her. Too bad I won't be able to tell/show her that. Crap.

Other than that, stuff isn't half bad. Soaking up this awesome weather. Been sleeping a lot more lately. Anyway, I oughta get going, have to be at school early tomorrow morning.

Oh, and work sucks.



Anonymous said...

December's also good because I can wear my over the knee socks without looking like a total freak!
And how could you forget the ginormous Christmas candy available everywhere?!?

Tauqeer Jamadar said...

Its funny how the same December rules appply for me in July :D ...... although the summer is definately better than winter...... Ok, I am in England :D

Anonymous said...

uff showoff