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Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Rebirth

Hello All!

Well this isn't the first time I've tried to maintain a blog... If I had to count it would be the 10th or 15th time I've tried to keep a blog running...But recent turn of circumstances have made me wonder why it's more probable than not.

Circumstance #1:
A friend of mine. His vocabulary when around us falls into 4 basic words. Gay, Noob, Mother & F***. But he recently asked me to read up his MSN space so I did. What I found was nothing out of the ordinary. His command of English, at least written English, was at par with the greats. Although his spoken English left a lot to be desired. So it made me wonder how easily one could portray
true character on a web page.

Circumstance #2:
Some errors that I committed, not
completely in ignorance, made me regret them and made me mend my ways... So far at least. So, for some reason, an online abode seemed a good getaway from what happens outside my Etisalat connection.

Circumstance #3:
Google bought YouTube off Chad Hurley and Steve Chen for $1.65 Billion. $1.65 BILLION. What the hell.

Circumstance #4:
*scenario with friends*
mali: What am I the ONLY guy with no blog?!

So those amongst others were good reasons to start a blog myself... So I went about it with quite some vigor. When I finally reached the, "Name your blog" page I chose the tag line, "Boldly Going Nowhere.." I thought it emphasized a lot of things in life...especially mine... Also because that was what was written on the Universal Studios T-shirt that I happened to be wearing right then.... Unfortunately some other bloke already used taht as his Blog URL so I decided on something else...

For the link I thought of, "withoutamap" . I thought it went well with the tag line. Unfortunately somebody else already took that along with my originality. So I turned to the 21st century. Who uses Maps? GPS. The solution offered by people with too much knowledge, willpower, effort etc etc... And a lot of time apparently...

Anyway... Let's hope this is something that I can keep running without lazying out of anytime soon.

happy blogging...


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