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Sunday, November 05, 2006

There goes Saddam...

Well it finally happened. Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to death by hanging along with Barzan Ibrahim, his former intelligence chief and half brother and Awad Hamed al-Bandar, the head of Iraq's former Revolutionary Court. They were charged specifically for the crimes against humanity in the 1982 killings of 148 people in a single Shiite town.
Now there's some wondering left to do. Does he deserve it: Yup. Mass Genocide should never go unpunished. But Saddam's crime... Is it really all that uncommon in the world today?

Afghanistan? Chechnya? Bosnia? Palestine? Iraq? Kashmir? Somalia? Phillipines?

Saddam was convicted because he signed the order for the onslaught, which was used as evidence against him. So, one sheet of paper was enough to link Head of State to Criminal.

Maybe we oughta find more sheets? Or is that just being naive? I'd go for the latter, but feel free to express yourselves folks...

oh oh oh another point worth noting. Ol' Saddam was charged for the murder of 148 people.
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Anonymous said...

So what do u think about Hitler?

Lhjunkie said...

Can you imagine that in 30 years' time there will be students like us arguing that he was a great, great man? Those better be my grand-kids!

Anonymous said...

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