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Monday, November 20, 2006

Winter winter....

I think it's pretty safe to say that a good majority of Dubai's population loves winter. Especially if you grew up here, like yours truly. Today, for the first time since people began talking about the weather getting better, I actually enjoyed the walk home from the Sheraton. Today was not a normal November day, it was a good sign of, hopefully Inshallah, a good winter to come...

Khalid dropped me off at the Sheraton from where I would walk home. Uzma called me and informed me that it was drizzling at her side of town. I love rain and was hoping it would rain on this side too... As I began walking I noticed that the sun was nowhere and I had almost no shadow. There was this huge cloud over my head, and I was secretly hoping that it would rain as I walk home... God was listening and Alhamdulillah it did.

The walk home wasn't long, but I really enjoyed it because THIS time around, there was no sun, there was a great breeze blowing, the clouds were out, the drizzle was...well...drizzling and it was all good. I love this weather. I think that living in the heat all this time really makes you want to go out and run in the rain. Don a windbreaker, shorts, shoes and a baseball cap and a long walk with, if possible, great scenery. The scenery is where all the Meadows, Springs, Greens, Gardens blah blah blah people get the upper hand. Aaah what the hell. I still like it.

The good thing about this right now is that its still only the first half of November. December and January are still not here and they're normally the colder months. Which is awesome. Another thing about this weather is that from now, until maybe late March its really a whole lot of fun running around outside playing footie etc.

Love this weather.


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