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Sunday, November 05, 2006

oooooohhh...So what happens if I click HERE?

Day 2:
(Don't expect something everyday)

As I move along trying to fulfill my promise of keeping a blog updated, we come to the interesting part of making a blog. Making it.

In the settings bar I chose what I thought was nice and useful given the complete reassurance that these could be change at any time in the future. Very good. Great service ala blogger.com. Whoop de doo.

Moving on. Lets see.. The third tab said, " Templates". Templates. What are those? Most of it ran right past me.
But the part where I could add links to the right of the page piqued my curiosity and after spending a good 15 minutes trying to figure out what most of it meant, I managed to get a few links up. Arsenal - Mania (Yes I'm a Gooner) and my older-yet-never-touched MSN Space.

Oh well. More personalizing as knowledge of use permits.



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Lhjunkie said...

Clicking on links I normally wouldn't landed me into a lot of trouble...