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Monday, November 13, 2006

Inter-house Sports

This week saw our school kick off with our inter-house sports, and the first match played was Yellow Vs. Blue. My team against Faraz's. My team isn't as strong as the other houses but, if we put up a fight we're worth a look at.

Emotions running high in the first game. After the first ten minutes I suddenly felt unusually breathless and fatigued. Which was uncommon. So I took a substitution and got out. It was a rolling substitution so I could always jump back in later. I sat out for a good 10 minutes, during which I tried to recuperate from the sudden lack of breath. During my time out, Sean blistered a free kick straight into the back of the net and we were up 1-0.

Once back in I felt my breath come back to me and I was able to pace better. (Throughout the game after that I missed 4 chances. *sulks*) Before long, Falik (yes, Falik) fired a delightful volley and it shot straight into the back of the net. Everyone was like, "Daym, FALIK!!!!! WAY TO GOO MAN!!" The Kings were up 2-0. Things were looking up. Half time came and went, and the second half rolled in. Confidence was soaring, and we were looking sharp. Then out of nowhere, a quick pass to Blue's Ryan caught our defence off guard and he managed to slot it in the back of our net. The Blues were celebrating. The score was 2-1. They were back in the game.

But within a few minutes of that, Falaknaz's solo effort managed to put us up by one more. And it wasn't long after that, that the final whistle blew. That was it. Yellow dominated and won this game. Confidence was so high it made Sean look short. We felt UNSTOPPABLE!!!!! This happened yesterday.

Today we lost 4-1 to Green.




Zuberi said...

i love the way you fail to mention the details of the loss :P

any hoo good game..
but you should know by now

Green Owns.

Anonymous said...

You guys still kicked ass on the field.
Bad, bad Zuberi.
To gloat like that...tut tut tut.

No cookies for you!