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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Woot Woot Auction! (Stupid Municipality)

Yesterday, Lacoste held an auction for roughly 30 - 40 odd items of art, ranging from paintings to clothes designed by artistes, regular people, and our Wish Kids alike. It was a really good event, held at the Lotus One at the Convention Center here. The crowd was (or so I was told) was Dubai's [edit] creme de la creme [edit] (Thanks Devon!). Anywhoo a well organised event it was... Phillipe Lacoste and Patrick Chaloub were both present and spoke to the crowd. This was followed by John giving a speech, after which I spoke about my Disney trip earlier this year, which was such a hit, with the crowd.

Later on, we surprised John, by announcing his Birthday, singing a song, getting him a cake and a gift. The rest of the night was followed by the silent auction for all the art works. That was around 10:30pm.

At 12:30 am, the auction was done and over with, and following a tally of all the bids, I think we crossed into the AED 200,000 range. Which. Is. AWESOME! Eventually, we stayed on till around 1:30am when I finally decided to take my leave. Thanked the event organizers, Mr. Philippe Lacoste, Mr. Patrick Chaloub, the senior staff at Lotus One, and I was outta there...

Today the Municipality calls me and tells me that the money raised is illegal. Damn them. Am now currently fighting the legal procedure to make that money legal...




Brainiac9 said...

Silly legality issues. That's ridiculous. (PS, it's creme de la creme, although there should be accents on the first 'e' in each 'creme'. That whole french thing, lol)


U said...

Money is only legal if it lands in the hands of the Muncipality. Double standards, I tell you.

Tauqeer Jamadar said...

hahaha, this is funny in a very naive kind of way..... :D

When you take on the municipality (also known as local councils in the UK)... effectively u are taking on the "local" government. So when you raise a nice pot of cash, and a couple of fils don't wander into their piggy bank, they WILL come after you! :D

As good a deed as it may have been.... you live, you learn, you experience, and then you go do it again and forget what happen the last time.... vicious circle of life!!

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