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Sunday, November 11, 2007


Well no excuses this time, it HAS been awhile since I bothered to keep my little website up-to-date. Either way, with more updates on my life, here we go!!!

MAHE is getting better. It is NOT growing on to me, rather I'd like to believe that I'm having that calming, normalizing influence on MAHE. I've even got some people who've told me to correct their pronunciations whenever I catch them off guard. So there! Progress!

MAWF has restarted activities and I'm scheduled to give a presentation at the DAA come Sunday (I believe). Run of the mill thing and a part that I enjoy carrying out. Apparently I've got quite the convincing tone. Also, have a wish kid to work with now. Some boy in Abu Dhabi who wants a playstation. Not much of a wish really, but hey, something to work on.

I AM a bit miffed at Khadija (Current Director) for "demoting" me of sorts. But let's see, I plan on making headway once again!

A video I found. Hilarious!


Well, football season started and we have a tournament coming up next week. Let's pray that I'm playing. Let's pray that we win.

Grr. I put on weight again!

That's all for now!




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