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Monday, October 29, 2007


This topic is something that I've partially written on earlier, but after a recent discussion with a new friend, I stumbled upon some points that I felt, deserved blogging about!

Either way, the topic at hand is Degradation and/or Degression.

I'm not much in the mood to give a super killer blog post right now, but I'm just gonna make a quick mention of something that you oughta think over.

Has anyone noticed how people cannot be f***** to read about anything but death and destruction? Has anyone noticed how most bestsellers involve death, corruption at the highest levels, deceit and/or lies? Has anyone bothered to find out WHY there are so many deaths in Darfur, rather than when Paris gets out of jail?


The irony will always be that people will forever love to read about it in newspapers, hear it on the radio and watch it on television, but it will never be something that the can handle if it's upon themselves.

We're all so f*****.


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