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Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Kingdom

From a moviegoer's point of view, this movie is going to be KICK BUTT. I'm really psyched to see it. Interesting enough story line, mixed with a heavy dose of adrenaline and the nice garnish of controversy, and there you have it, The Kingdom.

From what I've read on some critic pages, the best actor is Ashraf Barhom, who plays the Saudi Colonel Al-Ghazi. He whoops Jamie Foxx's butt. Pwnd. From what I've seen I'd like to think that he's one of the plus points of this movie.

And, contrary to popular belief the movie was not shot in Saudi. It was mainly shot in Phoenix, Arizona. And here's the kicker for us, Emiratis and Expatriates alike. The movie was also shot in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates!! As for how controversial the movie is going to be, I'm gonna wait until AFTER I've seen it. After which I shall, depending on the movie, tear the movie apart, or, set it on a pedestal.

Enjoy the Trailer! Oh, and the song is, 'Bullet the Blue Sky' by U2. The song was from their 1987 album, The Joshua Tree, and it's a shoutout against the then-American policies towards South America. Bono was well involved in it, hence the band dedicated a song to it.

Can't wait!


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Lhjunkie said...

Sydney Br...uhh, I mean Jennifer Garner was in the UAE.