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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hai gaiz!!1!

Man, it has been one hell of a start to the new academic year. A 'bang up' job if I do say so myself. Gladly, however, stuff has slowed down and things ought to return to, 'normal' (if you could ever call it that) soon enough, me guesses.

Either way, more changes to your favorite blog soon. I'm thinking of moving the scroll text from the sidebar to just under the title and use it to highlight.. something. Not quite so sure what yet. But when I know, you'll know, you know?

This Thursday I get to go back to AMG and sign our contracts to work for ShoofTV. Finally a paid job. Money. Riches. Women. Cars. Luxuries. Gourmet Food. Credit. Little boys. The world is my oyster.

Every time I log on I still feel like this blog needs a little more pizzazz before it's finally up to my liking. Then I sometimes realize that maybe I should just finally sit down and post one of the articles like I promised I would. But I'm actually quite hesitant. I recently learned that I screwed up this article I wrote sometime in the last academic year and it turned out worse than dog doo. So I need to figure out my writing style all over again. I guess I can't be as good as a student who's learning how to write an article the correct way, rather than the instinctive way.

Oh well, can't beat 'em all. But sure as hell can try!





Mars said...

next week :(

alexander... said...

Paid job. Must mean you're going to stop blogging then...


Anonymous said...

Ooh OOh... friday tomorrow.... More stupid people posts from accross the lake.... ooh cant wait :D

Such is the callibre of your following ;)

Malizomg said...

@ biscuit

Woohoo! Yay! The Stupids :D

@ alexander:

No, of course not. Paid job means that now I only have more things to whine about. Thanks for the input though!