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Monday, December 22, 2008

9 days till..

In 9 days we'll be done with this year and onto the next. I'll recap on this year closer to the end.

University is lame. The classes are lame, the students are lame and the timings are lame. But it's nice to have friends there at the very least. This semester wasn't all that, academically. The three week break that I took to India turned out to be one of the lesser smart things that I've done. I missed 3 tests, 4 assignments and another 3 quizzes. You KNOW that's not going to turn out good. This time I do have a legitimate excuse, but it's still just that, an excuse.

The interwebz is still messed up here in the UAE. A cable in the ocean was cut when an anchor dropped down on it and so we have some Frenchies with robot submarines trying to fix 'em. I called up Etisalat and they were nice enough to inform me that they had absolutely no idea when it would be fixed. I asked for a ballpark estimate. "I zhon't know," replied the Egyptian call center guy. "Maybe vun day maybe two days maybe niikist eeyar.."


Oh well, it's really hard to even BLOG, as everything takes a decent amount of time to load up, and considering I've got Zemanta installed, it takes that much longer. 52KBps wasn't this bad, was it?

Oh well. Back to the days of morse code..


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Mars said...

haha dial up people...

MaliZOMG said...

Just so you know, I ride on a 2MBps subscription.



Anonymous said...

Who goes on a 3 week holiday in the middle of the semester??? I guess you have a lot of catching up to do, good luck :-)

MaliZOMG said...

Well actually, there were 2 weddings that I, "absolutely have to attend."

You know. Indian weddings. Didn't have much of a choice really..


Anonymous said...

We would have sent the british to fix the cablesin the midle of the sea.... but the tea just wouldnt taste as good in the middle of the ocean...

I had to deal with Egyptial call centre guys working for a swiss telecoms company - MAN!! it was impossible to communicate with them - they have the most incredible accents EVER! You said niikist eeyar perfectly! :D