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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Oh dear, I've fallen into it again..

Well it's true, after spending a lot of time contemplating my return to the blogosphere, I did give in and will resume blogging, effective immediately! My initial concern was that I will not have enough to blog about or any specific things I may want to write about. However, what I did discover is I do have things I want to talk and blog about.

I will hereby turn this blog right around and you can expect to see me blog about the following topics:
  1. Motorsports. I've recently joined my company's racing team. This adds to my previous track experience, so I guess it's about time I start talking cars as much as I love driving them.

  2. Paintball. Cuz it's awesome. And now that I have all my gear, it's time to terrorize the office.

  3. Video Games. I play a lot of them. It's time to take it a bit seriously.

  4. Campus Radio ME. Along with Ritesh, I started this almost a year ago. Here, I will talk about recent news, updates etc.

  5. Movies. I spend a lot of nights burning through DVDs. Why not share my views? :)

By any means, this list is not exhaustive. But possibly a teaser of things to come.

See you guys around!



Anonymous said...

Hello. Write. I'll read. Carolina

RandomPhotographyInc said...

Your back!!
Awesome, whatever you write i'm up to reading it =D

MaliZOMG said...

Thanks you guys! :)

I plan on posting every week, at least once. :D

(Let's see how long that holds up..)

Red Panda said...

Guns. You must write about guns, too!

Congrats on getting back to blogging hun, looking forward to reading what you have to say ^^