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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Russell Peters In Dubai...

Weeell, look who's coming to town. Russell Peters himself. The Canadian/Indian stand up is set to tickle Dubai's comedy fans, including yours truly, on the 11th and 12th of March.

Originally his show was schedules to be only on the 11th of March, but ALL his tickets were sold out by 11:45am that same day. Yours truly purchased his, and 4 other, tickets at 12:06am. Hence, that oughta tell you something about the demand for this show.

Because it was a sell out, they decided to have a second show on the following day. Tickets for that show go on sale tonight at 12:00am. I was pondering the thought of buying up some more tickets. What for? SELL THEM!!! Ever since I bought 5 tickets for me and another 4 guys, people have been begging me to sell them the tickets. Rumors about lines at Virgin reaching till the parking lot of Mall of the Emirates have been floating and if rumors are true then this might be a good time to rake in some moolah.

Although to be completely honest, if someone offered me a good amount for my OWN ticket, lets say going AED 500+ I'd sell it right then. I mean what the hell. In RP's words, I'm a, 'filthy downloader.' Let him have the ticket. Let me have the cash. Only we BOTH watch it. Albeit I get to watch it a month or so later but what the hell eh?




Anonymous said...

like a bird once said...
*cheap cheap*

Russell said...

yea, im russell peters and i forbid you to sell the tickets!

Russell said...

Bullshit, I'm Russell, and whoever impersonated me is gonna get a hurt real bad.

Lhjunkie said...


So excited about the show! I'm wearing full sleeves because I don't want him making fun of my arm hair.

*pets arm hair lovingly*

*yanks it out from the root*

Anonymous said...

disturbed at the amount of arm hair pulling at this blog :S