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Monday, May 14, 2007


It has been a ridiculously long time since I updated my blog and to be honest I'm quite ashamed of that. My alibis are exam blues, university blues and scholarship blues.. and reds and greens..

Since my last update, I've FINALLY applied for the Chancellor's Scholarship submitting all my completed forms and recommendation letters and certificates and whatnot. I was informed that they now want my final A Level grades as well before they finally tell me whether or not I scored that Scholarship. Added pressure. I had resigned to the fact that I've already been accepted to University and that I can apply for the Scholarship without my A Level grades. 'Tis sadly not so. They want my final grades before they give me a final thumbs up. Or a thumbs. Those of you who have brownie points with Allah, please pray for the former. If I score it, you all get a free lunch from me. :P

Since my last update, I've finally started to get somewhat serious with my studies, albeit I had ignored it earlier and even mentioned before that I had stopped bothering about my grades. I started cracking Unit 6 in Core Mathematics 4 section by section. I've finished the entire 6A unit. Today I plan to finish 6B and also go through the important points that I need to keep in mind for English Paper 3 that's on this coming Thursday. Maybe I can score those grades. Then maybe I can grab that Scholarship. *turning on the confidence*

Since my last update, a lot changed in the personal world of yours truly. Some stuff that was earlier in doubt has now been, unfortunately, confirmed. So big loss, but I guess that goes for both sides. I've also realized that all good things DO arrive eventually. Ya just have to wait for them, patiently. Patiently; that's the key word. Be confident there too. Good things happen to good people. You'll get what's coming.

Anyway, I know this isn't enough to make up for all the lost days that I left this world uncared for, but something IS, in fact, better than nothing, and a slow start is better than none at all.

Sometimes I'm too philosophical for my own good. Maybe I oughta meet a professional




Tauqeer Jamadar said...

You were looking for a pro? ;)

BTW.... where are you planning to treat me? London or back home? 'cos in London I will take nothing less than the Ritz!

mali... said...


You're the one with the snazzy new job, new view etc etc etc...



Anonymous said...

i want cheeseburgers
nothing else
lots and lots of cheeseburgers!