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Monday, May 21, 2007

One down. 7 to go. Waiting.

One paper down. English Paper 3, Media, is all and over. No more talking about advertisements or magazines or anything. And tomorrow once I'm done with Desk Study, won't be doing anything like this again. Hopefully forever too.

Last two days have been terribly weird. Cant seem to get my mind into my books. Something or the other keeps cropping up and I keep faltering from what I started to do. I have a few guests staying at my place and they're probably what distracts me sometimes. Although other things always have the tendency to hit you when you least expect it, and when they do it seems to slow everything down.

Yearrgh. I feel helpless at times. For many different things, for different reasons. Like, for example, my Scholarship. I submitted my completed application a week ago and I was informed that if I do get the scholarship, or am even considered for it I wont be informed until mid-August. It's mid-May now and that's a good three months away. If I DO find out earlier it only means that I've been rejected and that they're giving me Financial Aid instead. Financial Aid isn't bad, its a good 50% off the tuition fee, but it feels like charity. Not only is the Scholarship 75 - 100% off the tuition fee, but it also feels earned rather than given. Now that my application's in, there's nothing that I can do but wait and hope they don't contact me until August. And during those three months I'm gonna kill myself thinking about the progress.

I guess a person feels most helpless when he's done everything he possibly could and now all he can do is pray, hope and wait. That's how it is I guess. Most people don't prepare to have to wait for the result. Everyone wants it NOW! I've done my bit, so what do I get? Unfortunately that's what you're left with and if you don't have faith and patience you're in for a hard time. Probably the worst thing about patience is that if you've done everything you can, and all you have to do is wait, you won't know anything about the issue anymore, until they give you the final result.

It's like someone showing you all three parts of the Matrix and telling you that you're gonna have to sit and look at all 3 DVD covers for the collective runtime of the movie. You can't actually WATCH the movie. When that's done, we'll just tell you that Neo dies in the end along with Trinity and peace is restored. You're not privy to know how it happens or what happens. Just that it happened.

Got Patience?




Anonymous said...

True, witty and hurtful.

Anonymous said...

the only thing u can do is wait and as the saying goes : "sabar ka phal meetha hota hai"

Anonymous said...

or you can eat mangoes while your at it

Uzma said...
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