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Monday, May 28, 2007


Conformism is a funny concept. In some ways it can even contradict itself.

As I sit here thinking about what to write about this topic I see myself running out of many ideas. What I've realised is that Conformism is not really something that you can label someone with. You can't always call someone a conformist. Although in many situations it is possible to label someone like that, but in my opinion it can be easily mislabeled.

An example as simple as in iPod. I know many people who've bought the iPod because, "they needed an mp3 / movie player and the iPod is the best." Now someone who probably hasn't much technical knowledge and decided to buy the iPod, because either everyone he knows has one or has praised it as the most awesome thing that's ever happened to them, CAN be labeled as a conformist. But somebody else, a tech-savvy fellow, can NOT be labeled one, due to his superior knowledge and whatnot.

Conformity is defined by sociologists as behavior that matches group or peer expectations. But conformity can not be limited to social and private lives. A more drastic example of conformity can be seen in politics. In general, political conformity is encouraged by jailing opposition leaders and silencing or getting rid of nonconformist ideas. In fact, the most extreme example of conformity can be seen in Germany during WWII. The citizens of Nazi Germany were like droids that conformed to their Fuhrer.

Conformity comes in many different shapes and sizes too. Like a group leader faced with a choice, A or B. Both seem fair but some prefer B over A. However the group leader chose A. So even though many people prefer B they won't speak out and they'll conform over what the group leader has decided. Take Iraq for example. America invaded Iraq. Many Americans died, and even more Iraqis were slaughtered. The war was a disaster. And I'm sure that many of Bush's close advisers had warned him against it. Yet, they chose to keep quiet and accept Bush's decision without arguing their stand. That is conformity as well. Although to a much larger and different scale when compared to what we see everyday.

And about what we see everyday. Of course people are going to conform. Has anyone wondered why the, weirdos, geeks, goths, punks, agnostics, etc etc are all looked at distinctively in a crowd. Simply because they don't conform. Anyone who is different from what is the norm is looked upon in puzzlement if not disgust. So why shouldn't people conform? If not for the sake of want, they do it for the sake of not being looked down upon.

Conformity for many is a shelter from the unknown and from the harsh looks and words. From those who don't seek it, it is what makes them different from all the others. They don't conform. They don't need to. Rather they don't want to. I'm not surprised people conform. And I don't think anyone should be. As for the people who don't conform, they oughta be looked at in awe rather than in puzzlement.

Simply put: It takes more balls to be different from all the rest that it does to be the same. So stop mocking and start appreciating.




Tauqeer Jamadar said...

I'm going to go ahead and conform with the others who (should) will review this entry..... FAN-F'ING-TASTICALLY WRITTEN.

Every example you selected is so damn true....

Keep it commin' ;)

Biby Cletus said...

Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

Deep Regards from the other side of the Moon

Biby Cletus

Uzma said...

I like this one.
Thank you. :)