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Saturday, September 29, 2007

And I'm Back..

Greetings. :)

I beg my audience's forgiveness. After a relatively hyperactive month (August, a record - breaking 16 posts!), this month has been one of the lows. I would throw an excuse about how University is getting to me and the workload puts me under great strain, but that would be a lie.

University's a joke. Well, at least the course that I'm doing AT this University is.

A BBA degree isn't a very valued degree. It's not a specialization like medicine, dentistry or an engineering field. You don't learn anything specific. What you learn is mainly theories about how to run things from businesses to people to resources. Which really isn't much because what you learn in class (Theory), is much different from what really happens in the working world (Practical).

A lot of people that I've spoken to have told me that the BBA is a nothing degree. You learn how to work on the job. You won't learn it during class. I'm inclined to agree with that. Either way, it's been about 25 days since we began classes at MAHE and I can safely say that there's not been a single day where I've sat down and hit the books.

Oh, and I detest the amount of bogus people in MAHE. It gets to me.


I detest bogus people.

Aaah.. Much better..



Alt.Ctrl.Del said...

Heh. Bogus people are...bogus...

Yeah, I just woke up. You can tell, can't ya?

WHAT new look?!

My finger's bleeding. I cut it...with my CONTACT lens. New low for Rebound Girl...


stay-c said...

nobody likes bogus ppl...
morever .. mali doesnt like emo ppl.. hence, from now on im going to try nd be more happie and not burn myself out .. *smiles*
... and it may b a nothin degree nd all that.. but its dayam fun havin u around ! wouldnt have it any other way ..

*stix leg out*

mali... said...

To Sana:
I said I gave it a Facelift, not a NEW look altogether. But thanks either way



To Stacey:

*humps furiously*

Keep smiling, and don't worry. A LITTLE emo never hurt anyone.. 'Tis great having you around as well


Lhjunkie said...


My sentiments exactly. I couldn't have said it any better myself.



mali... said...


Shtanks Babe!