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Monday, September 17, 2007

Unlocked iPhones for sale in UAE

The text of this post is just what the title reads.

I've got iPhones. They're ready to work in the UAE, because I got them unlocked.

Plus point is: They're software unlocked so no hardware nibbles took place. What you get is all APPLE iPhones with no restriction on networks so it'll work in the UAE or any other place for that matter.

We guarantee the software unlock. It doesn't work, your money back.

And speaking about money, each iPhone you buy will set you back AED 3000/- . By this Thursday (20th of September) I'll have the Demo pieces as well so you can come and see that they work if you require the proof.

Call me on 050-7199175. I'm gonna keep my number up for as long a I'm selling the phones, so feel free.



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