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Saturday, January 27, 2007

American People are Stupid

Forgive the title, but that was the title of the video itself, and it helps my hits.

I saw this video a long time ago and was since unable to find it until no less than 5 minutes ago, when my friend Sana, found it on Youtube and showed it to me.

Not much to say really. The video does all the talking.


I only saw the video again, after posting it. And I must say, the Average American is so bloody ignorant it's not funny.

Q: How Many sides does a triangle have?
A: 1) None
2) Four


Q: Name a country starting with, 'U'.
A: 1) Utah
2) Utopia
3) Ugoslavia

Those answers and more were said by the many Americans to feature in that Video. I'm not stereotyping, but to the non-ignorant Americans: Time to clean up your own yard before you set out to others don't you think?

PLEASE comment, because I really want to know what people think about this video and it's implications...




Alt.Ctrl.Del said...

Hahah. Yay, I'm famous.

VERY funny video :D
And how many sides DOES a triangle have? I'm confused...:S

- Sana

Alt.Ctrl.Del said...

Well, as for the implications...

It's scary to this that these are the citizens of the *current* world's greatest superpower. Thank God that's going to change...China, please hurry up.

mali... said...

The Chinese are secretly taking over the world... no one knows...



Brainiac9 said...


And to think, the "No Child Left Behind" act is lowering American educational standards. I wouldn't have thought it'd be possible to get much worse than the present.

The number of people willing to invade Kyrgystan, and the number of people who didn't realize the map was mislabelled ... I'd like to do something like that here, except I'd be scared about the responses I'd get!