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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hello again...

Greetings fond (and the occasional not-so-fond) readers!

As promised, I now blog on this website sitting on the first floor of my new house. Majority of the shifting has been completed. Thing is, with Desi families, shifting breaks down into two MAJOR halves.

1st Half: Shifting ALL the furniture, things, clothes, electronics, closets, shoes etc etc.

2nd Half: Shifting the Kitchen.

with an Indian family, time period is as such:

Total Time Period = Time Taken to shift everything + Time Taken to shift kitchen.

The Indian family thrives on, or rather inside, the kitchen. And unfortunately, for those Indians that don't (including Yours Truly), we end up getting a lot of the hard labor tasks. We've had at least two carfuls of spices, daals, garam masala's and other desi stuff moving in from the old house and from what I hear we're only half done. There's a desi family for you right there. A lot of the stuff is still in boxes in our new garage, and my father is fuming that we're slow on the unpack. What's the ladies' excuse?

"We're still bringing the kitchen from the old house!"

And by, "We're" they mean Mali-is-driving-up-and-down--bringing-pots-and-pans-that-we-will-never-use... Yup. I have been officially demoted from Third Son, to Driver. I feel like a courier service. WHY CAN'T WE HAVE SMALLER KITCHENS!!!!???

Although to be honest, the big kitchen is responsible for our lovely cuisine, so I guess the ends justify the means.

Ehh, what the hell. At least I'm driving...



P.S. Note also that the QOTD Column has resumed :P


Anonymous said...

cheese burgers

Anonymous said...

Veggie burgers and porn.

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two for five