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Sunday, January 07, 2007

We're Shifting! Woot!!! (Pause in Updates)


Tomorrow we gain possession of the new house that we're shifting into :D. Today we ordered furniture for the new house and began packing stuff into nice cardboard boxes.

Either way, a quick announcement on that end. With effect from the 12th of January till about the 20th of January, CDWMG (my short for this blog) will remain closed. By closed I mean there will be no new posts and the QOTD column won't be updated.

Therefore there are a few posts in the making, and all those will be published on the 20th or later. Till then, Adios. And I look forward to next logging on to Blogger from our new house. Yay =D




Farhan said...

my link is supposed to be the main 1 :(
*sniff sniff*

how i hate you..you ..you..
i hate you =P

mali... said...

you ungrateful little bitch... =P

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

veggie burgers!

2lazy2think said...

shut up stupid burger dumARse poo poos =P