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Monday, January 22, 2007

and..and...aanndd... ARSENAL WIN THE PREMIERSHIP!!!

Ok so we didn't really "win" the premiership per se, but I know that I'm most DEFINITELY not the only Gooner who thought that.

Foot-In-Mouth disease is not very hard to come by but this takes the cake. I had 3 Mancs in my house watching the match. Right about the 82nd minute, when the Mancs thought they had the game, the witty comments started pouring out of their mouths. We were all ODed on pizzas and sodas so it was all in good nature. That all changed in the 83rd minute when RvP blasted the ball into the roof of the goal equalizing the score. Suddenly the only voice heard was mine. It was all square at 1-1, which was good considering we came up from behind. I would have been happy with a draw, we would have avoided our first defeat at Emirates Stadium. Pleased with myself and the performance of the team, I settled down into the couch to watch the last few minutes of the game. Extra time had been announced. 4 minutes. The match was good as sealed as a draw.

That is, until Eboue's cross found Henry's head, which led the ball to the back of the Away Team Goal at Emirates Stadium in the 93rd minute. That was it. Pande - fucking - monium. Henry's bullet left van der Sar no options but to stretch and watch that ball hit the back of his net. Soda was spilled on the floor, kids were left crying, cars stopped midway across the driveway in front of my house because all that could be heard was, "YYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" emulating from villa no. 7.

That was one of the best matches you could have watched in a while.

Life is good once again...




Zuberi said...

Yes, Arsenal the team that continuously 'over achieves' and surpasses people's expectations has done it again.
and no better than Henry to strike the blow in the closing minutes of the game.
Superp performance, but the Van Persie injury is the only sadness in this fulfilling week :P

ps. Van Persie broke the 5th bone in his left leg metatarsal, which would leave him out for atleast 3 months.. :(

Tauqeer Jamadar said...

That result hurt really really bad :D especially considering, pretty much every fan I know is a Gooner (damn!)

Although I don't know what was funny (Well, from various angles).... United's Sweepers (literally) trying to do "something" to prevent the first goal or Henry scoring with his head (did he know he could do that? or was it an Andy Cole*?) or United being naive as always and sitting on the single goal in a big match?

You know what... I think its all of the above.... but more importantly - I say "beat that" to every single football league in the world! At this point in time there isn't a single league that can provide the quality of football, the drama, the thrills of the championship and relegation (yes, Watford have beaten Blackburn, its not a vicious rumour!) than the Premier League.

So, as hard as the result was to take as a Man U fan, I cheered all 3 goals purely on how lucky we are to watch this fantastic bit of entertainment called football! If only the likes of Chelsea could understand - passion cannot be bought, rivalry cannot be bought, legacy cannot be bought and ofcourse.... even a damn centre half** cannot be bought!

* An Andy Cole for those who don't know is - be in the vicinity of the ball... it will come and deflect off you.

** Centre Back in old money

2lazy2think said...

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CONGRATS! for the win :)