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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bob Woolmer, 1948 - 2007

The ICC Cricket World Cup went under way a while ago, but unfortunately was terribly tarnished by the unfortunate death of the Pakistani Coach, Bob Woolmer, after they were eliminated by Ireland. He was found lying in a pool of vomit after a suspected stress-induced heart attack. Speculation is wild though, that Bob Woolmer was, in fact, murdered.

In that regard, let us all keep a minute of silence for a man who died. [EDIT] text removed [EDIT]

RIP Bob Woolmer, 1948 - 2007.




Zuberi said...

died for the passions of another country?

did i just miss the news? no where does is state that it was a Pakistani fan or Pakistani suspect that was responsible or claimed to be responsible for bob's death.
Please don't state something that you aren't sure about and have in fact no proof to justify it..

good day!

mali... said...

Refer to new post.

I will be stating something that I am sure about and in fact have proof to justify it.

Good Day!