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Friday, March 30, 2007

One Year...

You know, a lot can happen in one year. I can pull out so many memories that happened within the past year and then when you sit back and actually think about those you go, 'Wow, that's really a lot for one year.' But I guess that's what time is. Time is the stuff that you notice only when you're not doing anything. Otherwise time doesn't really exist. It really is a paradox to me. Have you noticed how sometimes you recall an incident that could have happened years ago but are able to recall every detail. Yet sometimes when asked about some stuff that happened maybe even a few moments ago, your mind goes blank.

One year is a lot of time. But at the same time it's really less too. I remember 1998 as recent. But, think about it now, and it's almost a decade ago. A decade. That' ten years. But you already knew that. In one year it's possible for a human to experience all that he wants to, and those that he didn't want to. But at the end of that one year do you live to regret it or not? I'd say not. But that's just a personal opinion and I don't expect everyone to think the same way as I do.

One year ago I had freshly acquired my driver's license, was a noob scuba diver, was barely working at MAWF, living in the living room of my house and had barely any facial hair. A year since then, I've had about 3 road accidents, have done 6 more dives, did some of my most fulfilling work at MAWF ever, have my own bedroom with an in-suite bathroom and, unfortunately, still barely have any facial hair besides maybe a moustache and a little muzzle on my chin.

One year ago, I was beginning to gather all my relevant and neccesary details and letters so that I could apply to Universities in the USA, Canada and Australia. Recommendation letters, certificates, past grades, predicted grades, affadavits, bank account statements, essays, etc etc. One year since then I know that due to my father retiring from the business soon enough, I won't be able to leave the country and have to start filling his shoes. I also now know that for University, I'll be going all the way to the neighbouring city and back.

One year since I began another venture in my so far eventful journey through life, I look back at all the events since and wonder how it would have been different had I done things differently. That's the beauty of hindsight I guess. It's never wrong. Then again, different may not neccessarily mean bad. Bad is not different either. Different is just....well....different. It doesn't have to be bad. But maybe I'd rather have not done it differently at all. Maybe I'm at peace with the way things are now, and am enjoying myself.

One year ago, my definition of the words, 'best friend,' would vary from what it does now. I now realize that it takes a lot more. You have to give more. A Lot more. A Whole Lot more. Expect a lot less. Because maybe when you expect less and then, you get some, you think you've gotten more and so actually end up happy with what you have.

One year ago I would never have started a blog on the internet to utter these ramblings.

But I guess a lot can happen in one year.



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Royston(bus mate) said...

LOL..write a book Mali!!...ended up scratching my head pondering over your thoughts!