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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bob Woolmer, Born 1948. Murdered 2007. A repost

Just a few minutes ago, I called up on of my Pakistani friends to discuss a possible recreational plan. However I was almost immediately exposed to a tirade of, "I have some serious criticism about your blog, I'm gonna swear ," etc etc etc. I asked what the problem was almost knowing what it would be. Turned out to be just that.

The gist:

Zuberi said...

died for the passions of another country?

did i just miss the news? no where does is state that it was a Pakistani fan or Pakistani suspect that was responsible or claimed to be responsible for bob's death.
Please don't state something that you aren't sure about and have in fact no proof to justify it..

good day!

Saturday, March 24, 2007 1:55:00 PM

My response:

If you misinterpret not my fault. I will change the post so as to not "offend" your patriotic feelings.

Now, logic. Check to see WHEN the post was written. Wednesday, March 21, 2007. One day BEFORE it was confirmed that he was murdered. Till I wrote this post, it was still speculated and to a larger part believed that he was killed due to, and I quote, a, "stress-induced" heart attack. (And I'm quoting you and Ahad btw).

So yes, when I wrote that post, I DID believe that it was the passion of Pakistani people and all that was riding on Woolmer's shoulders that caused him stress, and hence killed him. Cause and Effect. Read the post again with this in mind and it makes perfect sense. And till then you could not have called me a blaspheme by posting your comment because what I said made perfect sense. However TODAY, on the 24th of March, when it was confirmed that he was in fact murdered, my comments seem derogatory to the country. For that I apologise. If I seemed to blame a Pakistani for it then I'm sorry too. However, were you even the little bit logical you would see when I wrote that post and understand that in those circumstances, my comments were infallible.

Coming to the second issue. Convenient that you comment on this only after it was confirmed that he was murdered and not until it was thought that it was either a suicide or natural death. In the light of murder my post suddenly seems to be pointing a finger at Pakistanis. I mean, if you DID comment earlier you would just seem stupid. Oh well.

However now that we know he was in fact MURDERED I believe my comments are obsolete. For the mistiming, I'm sorry. As to your comment: Balls to that.

Good Day!




Zuberi said...

"...However, were you even the little bit logical you would see when I wrote that post and understand that in those circumstances, my comments were infallible."'

hmm perfect.
even if we rewind to a few days ago.
if u mix your comment with the tribute of bob, in the last line.
we all would presume that it is what it is.
im not being patriotic, cause i know you would right the same, if it was an Indian coach.
even if its your blog and your opinion, you were, in the beginning stating what the news said, and then you put in your 2 cents, which you should, but not together with the current facts of that day.

if this makes no sense, then we can talk this through lol.
just for the sake of arguing

RIP Bob, you devoted your life to cricket, and lets hope, that whoever is guilty is found and punished.


mali... said...

The only part that made sense was the RIP statement....



2lazy2think said...

hunt down inzamam..
and cut off his balls..
and ohh..burn his hair! :p

Uzma said...

Trust Farhan to say something like that. :)

(Meant in a good way)