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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Boom Shakalaka Boom Boom

What I've totally got figured out is that if most of the readers didn't already know who I was they'd automatically assume that I'm a woman, looking at my totally mind-blowing mood swings. It's the shiznit.

God has a sense of humor. A nasty one, at that. I have come to this utter, and final epiphany whence I have now realized that God placed a woman's pancreas and liver in my otherwise masculine body. After a little more than a month or so on hormonal medicine, I believe my vital organs have come to discover their full potential and turn me into a woman once a month. For a week or so. But there's no bleeding. That would be disgusting. Very disgusting.

I've seen that I now regret many things that I have said, done, typed and texted over the past month or so and I have absolutely no alibi save the fact that the, 'woman in me took over.' Yes I am now displaying my covert womanness although I would very much like to clarify that I AM still a male with male tendencies, hobbies, features and organ.



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