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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Probaby the best ever...

Lately I've been finding myself having more and more patience to put into words my train of thought. Very cliched I know, but what was the point of this blog then? Either way, I guess as you deal with different scenarios in your life, you tend to discover a hidden part of you that manifests itself. With each new experience in your life, you tend to discover another hidden talent or feature or aspect about your personality, your life or yourself that you never knew existed before.

So I guess lately I've been having epiphany after epiphany in my life and the irony is that many of them are hormonal based. No, I'm NOT slowly turning into a woman, but I have been on an adrenaline rush lately so I'm gonna cop out and blame most of my theatrical summations of life on that. So anyway, here I am sitting on my father's laptop at 1:03am waiting for something magical to happen. Hopefully it will. I've got faith. I've got it in bulk. coughDragonMartcough.

We had guests all day today and that was a drag but the highlight of my day today, was a little quotation that I read while leafing through one of my father's old Amateur Photography books. My Dad isn't a photographer, but he likes to sound like a man with a hobby. Meh. I'm babbling, moving right on. As I leafed through the giant book, I reached the section that spoke about, 'capturing beauty in it's true form.' The section spoke variously about different ways to capture a variety of items ranging from scenery to nature to even models etc etc. As I glanced through ONE quotation definitely caught my eye.

" Beauty is the summation of the parts working together in such a way that nothing need be altered, added or taken away "

The speaker was an Italian Painter by the name of Elio Carletti. I tried then to look him up on the internet but found squat. All I DID find was that this line was used in a Nicholas Cage movie. Bummer.

Continuing, I fell in love with that line almost immediately. The funny bit is this line was so appropriate to something that I was telling someone lately, and it couldn't have been summed up better by this line. I could go on and on about analogies and incidents and events and whatnot but I guess what needs to be said was said.

I really don't know what the point of this post is. It's complete and total ramble, but it soothed my crave to write something out. So there.




Anonymous said...

(Elio Carletti (1925 - 1980) was an acclaimed Italian impressionist artist. His works were exhibited in most major museums in Italy. He was also an inspector for the Italian police.)

I too heard that quote in the movie NEXT. Ironic how something so simple can speak volumes. I am a photographer and have been for the past 15 years. In a recent discussion with my noob( & tattooed) makeup artist, we got a little heated in our opinions of tattoos and piercing. I hate them ;she loves them. I do not like to photograph models (women esp.) with tattoos. I find them to be an insecurity compounded with a heightened need for attention. So much so that these people feel this is their only outlet to gain acceptance or belonging. They claim it is for "the art" but I have found it is also about sexual pleasure as well. She even claimed she had an orgasm while getting her last tatt. I heard her reasoning, but did not hear it if you can understand that. In my mind Carlotti's comment summed it up. If you look at the human form it can appear perfect to you on so many levels, But being a purist, I find that (minus the tattoos) indeed, nothing need be altered, added, or taken away. Besides, how many Greek or Roman statutes do you see with tattoos or piercings? How many classic Italian paintings do these alterations exist on?
Answer: None. Why, because true artists do not need these embellishments to express the perfection they see in what the strive to produce.

Nuff said.

mali... said...

Well written man!

And I'm flattered that you decided to leave something on my blog


Oh! And I agree with you cent per cent..


Justin Giorgi said...

You said "I really don't know what the point of this post is. It's complete and total ramble, but it soothed my crave to write something out. So there." well I have an answer for you. Your post brought back a quote I have been searching for. Thanks to you and google I finally found it :)

MaliZOMG said...

Glad to oblige :)

Anonymous said...

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