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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Guilt. What is Guilt? When someone does a misdeed and then feels guilty about it, how many different ways are there to translate that emotion? I can think of a few.

Number 1: Real Guilt
Real guilt. A simple way to describe Real guilt, is when after committing the misdeed, you feel guilty about your actions, correct yourself, apologize, and then stay away from the vice and never return to it. Ideally a perfect "Sorry" scenario. Made the mistake. Felt bad. Apologized. Never did it again.

Number 2: Partial Guilt
Now see, this one is KINDA tricky. Very similar in fashion to Number 1, but subtle differences make it partial. Obviously you commit the misdeed first. But, at that moment you feel NO guilt attached to the action. Then, external circumstances persisting, things go back to normal, and then you admit to the misdeed and apologize to it. So you weren't guilty about it at the time of committing it, but felt the burden to inform later on. Also very acceptable and normally leads to good things

Number 3: Selfish Guilt
Selfish Guilt is the kicker. Selfish guilt is the guilt you feel NOT because of the actions you committed, but rather from the embarrassment of being associated with them. Sorta like, "I did that. Shit. I don't mind it and I'm not changing it, but shit, I did it either way. That sucks, what a bummer." Sorta like Ethnic Cleansing in Africa, only with apologies. They mean the apologies, but their actions totally cancel out their words. And as the words of age go, 'Actions speak (much much) louder than words.'

Hey you wanna judge people? Judge their damn actions.

And if you're feeling guilty, refer to above mentioned categories, and try and categorize yourself.

Now that's effing rich innit?!




Anonymous said...

nice shyt.......u rlly bored....

Anonymous said...

hes no bored.
he was just hungry and mcdonalds was closed

Anonymous said...

Go fuck yourselves. All of you.