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Saturday, July 28, 2007


On old cobblestones, his feet tear,

They drag him roughly, but resistance he offers none,

Then why?

A Coward, he was called, but sacrifice is what he had done,

Then why?

The last meal, well finished, But hunger stayed,

His last bath, much taken, But filth remained,

His eyes, well dried, But pain lingered,

Judges offered no pity,

The noose offered no escape,

Yet this was not his place,

So he smiled, and made his way home.

- Farheij




Anonymous said...

The next time you feel like bitching about me like the immature prat you are, do it to my face.


I'll always be better than you.

Yours sincerely,



mali... said...

Oooh touchy touchy... Did someone's feelings get upset :( ..

Immature? Moi?

I beg to differ. As would everyone else who knows me. Let me remind you, I was the one trying to get us to talk, while yourself was all, "I can't handle it wah wah wah."

Hey, least I wasn't drunk xD

And about bitching, I think we BOTH know who does that more..

Oh, and about being better than me. Whatever helps you sleep at night Brother..



uzma... said...

For fuck's sake, why don't the both of you just stop?

mali... said...


Ok Mr. D. She said it. I'm gonna respect that.

I'm done :D



Tauqeer Jamadar said...

Its funny how someone anonymous wants a face off! (LMAO)

Anonymous said...

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