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Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Sailor

Oceanic breezes chill his bones, but he minds not

The chatter of 'is mates blows o'er his thoughts,

Sight of land or pier, called o'er the decks,

A hint of a smile, now his night becks,

His sack on his back, a glance to the bridge,

Forward march, towards the hills,

Past the pubs, and past the women,

Past the glut of man, with hunger insatiable,

See those children, playing marbles on cobblestones,

See those drunks, stiffed on cheap ale,

Reach the bridge, towards where home lies,

Reach closer to, where the soul beckons,

Smell the scent, of an intoxication long wished for,

For six months have passed, with no aroma,

But lo! Here lies the Sailor's heart,

For he is at home, at last.

- Farheij

I came across this poet, while doodling on the internet. I'm gonna be the first to admit that this poem isn't exactly Pulitzer material. In fact it's really plain and simple. It also seems that the author's thoughts aren't coherent but more concurrent. Like he has many ideas, but can't decide in what order to place them, so just puts them down as they pop into his mind. But I liked idea behind the poem. So I'm posting it. My blog. =P



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Tauqeer Jamadar said...

Sounds more like Jack Sparrow looking for the Pearl than anything else :D