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Friday, August 03, 2007

Mmmm...pixel goodness.

I've had this saved in my drafts folder for about two months now, and it's high time I post it...

"Inspired by the research of Pawan Sinha, who had found that people can recognize faces using just 12 14 pixels' worth of information, we wondered if people can distinguish between faces and non-faces with even less information. So, last Friday, we asked CogDaily readers to try to identify faces as small as one-quarter the size of those used in Sinha's study: just 6 by 7 pixels."

via Cognitive Daily.

Hokay, so let's introduce a little fun to the blog. Okay?

Let's go.
Below is a picture of a famous personality, pixelated and edited. Lets see who gets it first.

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Aaannnd go!


Faiz Vahedna said...

i'm thinking...super mario?

Anonymous said...

Cap'n crunch mothafuckas!