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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


-=A dedication to my past=-

Let me ask you a question,
are you fond of crashing into the ground?
Driving yourself right over the edge
for thrill on your way down?

Burning your bridges, illusions of trust
Learning the ditches by falling in dust
When it comes down to it, in the end, you see
Everything's gonna be fine for me.

Getting real stronger by passing your test,
No I don't love you, this air is NOT blessed.
And I'd drink to forget you, if i was a drunk
Or smoke to forget you by puffing on junk,

But who needs that, when I'm still alive?
Who needs the anger, the hurt, the strife?
Who needs to touch you, to make you their wife?
Cause now I can say, "I still have my life.."

Stickers and stuffed toys..Remember the heat..
It takes a lot to make what's bitter, real sweet..

Copyright, Ali Emara ©, 2007

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