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Monday, August 06, 2007


Ok ok ok ok ok I promise, LAST post for today.

Went out with friends, and had a nice laugh today. Was very.. err.. revealing..

"Some say, we're never meant to grow up,
I'd say they never knew enough..

I stumbled upon another idea for a business venture today, as I was driving on the floating bridge. T'was very insightful and it might even have a decent amount of potential. It's going to very obviously need a lot of hard work, but I might just be able to pull it off with the right type of contacts etc etc.


It turns out that most of the missing books were in my brother's bathroom. Yes he likes to read while pooping and apparently my books are worth being taken to the john with.

I'm not poor because I have no money... I CHOOSE not to have any money.. Aah, the powers of PERSPECTIVE.. Effing A yes? Thank you Naddy!

"Somebody once asked,
Could I spare some change for gas?

My brother arrives in 2 days. Eff. That mainly means it's the couch for Yours Truly, and probably a little more added scrutiny on my social life. But nothing that I can't handle I'm sure. *said the sacrificial lamb*

I've got a Lifehouse CD that I was going to give away, but can't anymore. Not much of a CD buff myself (I only have very few). I'm more of a stolen-mp3s-via-Limewire fiend. But, this CD holds it's own value and will remain with me for all eternity.

This is an edited transcript of what was the original post. From then, to now, stuff has never looked better, and this I can say with no bias.

Funny story:
Two days ago, I prayed for strength to do what I was going to do that day. I did it and I came out well. I thought my prayers had been answered and that, that was the strength I was looking for.

Today morning, my prayers were really answered and I was able to do something I normally would not have. There is a God!



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