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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Few Days till..

A few days from the moment of publishing, I'll either be like a randy bunny on LSD, or, deader than your average roadkill armadillo on a Texas highway. Y'know what I noticed? No ones results are just, 'Ok'. They're either Crap or Awesome. Bust or Boom. Sink or Swim. No floating allowed.

"Somebody once asked,
Could I spare some change for gas..

In a week or so, I'll know about my scholarship. Let the pant-wetting begin.

Someone mentioned to me that I'm a softie and that I forgive easy. Wtf. I'm no softie! I PLAY RUGBY FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!

"And tell me, did Venus blow your mind?
Was it everything you wanted to find?
And then you missed me while,
You were looking for yourself out there..

Once again, I find myself without mode of transportation as the extra car we had has to be returned and my sister resumes taking the Peugot away from me. I'm pretty darn spoilt (I'm pretty sure I've spelt that incorrectly. 'Spelt' too) to say this, but, IS THERE NO GOD! I need wheels! Maybe I could strike a deal with the folks. I get and keep scholarship = I get and keep Car. Hmm..

Might just work.. I oughta wait until they're either very tired or very happy. Or both.

"Let's go out tonight,
Where the lights all shine,
Like I knew they would,
Be mine all mine,
Baby I'll be good.
Pray for me..




Lhjunkie said...

Like I said, it's PURGATORY!

Ali said...

Man, best of luck with all of that.. I skipped that as my college grades came out as I finished my projects..Hamdullah earned me a scholarship, 7 distinctions. Listen forgiving easily isn't soft..its a hard job..God bless you for it. Hold no grudges and keep your head up.


Alt.Ctrl.Del said...

1. Just coz you play rugby doesn't mean you're a softie. Emotional softie =/= physical softie.
2. The only difference I've noticed in myself pre-results day is that I'm constantly logging onto the site in the hope that they've accidentally published the results 10 hours early.
3. I always say I feel "OK" about my results...coz I do.
4. Smash Mouth and then Train? You're on a musical rollercoaster, man.
5. Where the hell are you?! You've gone off the grid!! At least have the decency to reply to my messages!
6. Check out my blog =D