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Saturday, August 04, 2007

I Collide...

"...If I drive all my patience away,
I collide,
I might drown in the wells,
That are made in my eyes,
Here I go again,
I'm lost again, again,
But I collide with..."

Ali wrote these lyrics for the band Repeat Offenders' 'I Collide.' Well done bro! The excerpt above is just the chorus and by far the best part of the song.

I've been in a little war with myself lately. 50% of me wants to do something, while the other 50% wants me to do the exact opposite. 'Tis quite confusing, I tell you!

Yeargh. Have to go to MAHE and apply tomorrow. Still no news from my scholarship from AUS, hence must start opening other options. *crosses fingers for Scholarship*

Made two very close friends in the past week. Weird how the people you least expect to, try and help out so much. Life works in weird ways. God has a sense of humour.

I still miss her.

Had an upset stomach last night. Didn't sleep a bloody wink. The night was full of tossing and turning, accompanied with the occasional dash to the loo. Literally, I stayed awake in bed for a good 3 hours before it was time for me to wake up. Stupid frankies. Stupid BC.

T-t-tigger likes his new desk. He prefers to sit between the speakers on my table, right next to the cds and the lamp. I was considering changing his name to, 'Hobbes,' after the character from Bill Watterson's, 'Calvin & Hobbes.' I <3 C&H. :D ... My favorite comic EVARR!!! Too bad he stopped drawing them :( . I need to clean my room. It's a bloody mess. I think someone barfed somewhere downstairs. There's an evil smell coming up the stairs and I'm scared to go investigate. T'was probably my nephew.




uzma... said...

His name is T-t-Tigger and shall forever remain T-t-tigger. :(

mali... said...


I wasn't gonna CHANGE his name, was just pondering the idea...


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