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Monday, August 27, 2007


I remember when I started this blog I imagined it would be a place for my satire and dry humor. Didn't really imagine it would turn out to be more like an online rant/vent/moan - fest. Weird.

After 8 months, I guess I can finally say (with no doubt), 'What else could go wrong?'

"I'm a lot less,
Than I thought,
You're a lot less,
Than I knew..

Disappointing friends, disappointing grades, disappointing scholarship news, drunk f***s in Wranglers, death in the family, lying teachers, the list goes on.

"All the things that I used to say,
All the words that got in the way,
All the things that I used to know,
Have gone out the window..

I'm an underachieving Eff-up. My brother said it too, though not in the same words. I don't blame him, I'd probably call myself that too. Gosh, I'm so self-pitying right now, I disgust myself even. *must snap out of it* ... Go away..

"All the things that she used to bring,
All the songs that she used to sing,
All the favourite TV shows,
Have gone out the window..

Gosh, some people have some effed up nerve.



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