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Friday, August 17, 2007

And so it begins...

After much ado about.. well.. nothing in particular, My University life begins in roughly 1 hour and 40 minutes. From today until the 25th, I undergo Registration and Orientation etc etc. 26th is the first day of classes. Sometime in this week I will also be informed about my scholarship. I'm currently very on-edge about everything, but head above water always.


"All my designs simplified,
And all of my plans compromised,
All of my dreams sacrificed..

Aah.. PT <3 (Note: No subliminal messaging involved, they're just currently playing on iTunes) I've been under the weather today, ever since I woke up. Head spins a bit and am sniffling. Otherwise I'm A-Ok. Shtank you. Someone said that there's no one older than a High School Senior and no one younger than a University Freshman. That is oh so approprioso. I intend to purchase a few final C&H Books that I found at Borders the other day. So please start paying up. I accept cheques and plastic.

"We're both looking for something,
That we're afraid to find,
It's easier to be broken,
It's easier to hide..

Looking at you, holding my breath,
For once in my life, I'm scared to death,
I'm taking a chance, letting you inside..



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erika said...


I dint no that u were a C n H fan!!! awesome!!! i luv them 2!!! yaaay!!!!