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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Teh New(er) Page..

"Honey why're you calling me, So late,
It's kinda hard to talk right now..

Aah, Hinder. Not much of a fan, but I have developed a particular liking to this song. Been listening to a lot of older more conventional music lately. Yes I have.

A friend introduced me to this older band. I really like them judging by what I've heard so far and I likey. Theory of a Dead Man, is what they're called. Pretty decent. They were signed by the terrible Nickelback, which probably shows in the similarity, but this band is far better. Songs AND Videos.

"Sit back, and relax,
And wait for the morning..

I'm doing a lot better. Thanks.

My typical desi family (I love it either way) is now perpetually glued to the television screen. India Vs. England yaar.

BEOWULF!!!! Omg! *chokes* TEH MOVIE!!!!!! I've been waiting for this moment my entire teenage life! Robert Zemeckis directs this CGI movie. Ray Winstone, of no particular fame, plays the warrior Beowulf. He's done minor roles in The Departed and Chronicles of Narnia.

But HERE'S the kicker!

Guess WHO plays the Mother of the monster Grendel. The latter is the first villain, while his mother plays the final villain. Guess WHO??

Wait for it....

*cue drum roll*

Angelina Jolie! *wooot!*

I can't wait. *sigh*

Feast your eyes:

Ain't it Lurrrrflyyy..

"He looks to the left,
He looks to the right,
There in a golden ray of light,
Is his open man,
Just like he planned,
The whole world is his tonight.."




Lhjunkie said...

Jolie should NOT have been in this movie. When I first heard about the movie, I was real excited, but meh. Nothing beats the original.

mali... said...

The original WAS really good, if you're into cult culture (oooooh wordplay oooooooh). (Heck I'm not even sure if that's correct)

But CGI and good ol' character loving will give this movie a shot.